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Registration No: DGT-6/4/50/2017-TC

Universal Industrial Training Center was founded in 2006 at Pajawa in Patna. This institute has been established to root out unemployment from our society and for the purpose to stand the youth on their own foot.After its established the society applied to the state government and get no objection from the state government and got approval from NCTV, Ministry of labour ,employment & training Govt.of india.

It was a long cherished desire of the-"Seeds Venture Society" to establish a technical institute to benefit the SC/ST/OBC and Backward communities of the Bihar region in particular and the whole nation in general in this hard and competitive age with the menacing problem of unemployment.it was felt to be the most burning need of the times to prepare the present generation confirming to the requirements of the moderns times.

Director's Message

The aim of the institute is to Impart technical Training approved by NCVT to make the educated unemployed youth suitable for industrial employment in india as well as gainful self employment. Industry needs, not only engineers but also thousands of skilled labours.Skilled labours are back bone of industry. Many projects are facing manpower shortage on account of which project of manpower,Universal I.T.I is one of the most innovative vocational training center with excellent teaching and training resources.At Universal I.T.I our aim is to help students grow in skilled titians.

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